Ignite IV

Ignite IV

The UCAR Center Science Education, hosted the fourth Ignite NCAR on Tuesday, September 24, 2013, at the Foothills Auditorium.  Presenters used the Ignite format – 20 slides, 15 seconds each – for seven five-minute presentations to enlighten, inspire, or simply make us think a little differently.

Presentations focused on issues of relevance to UCAR, NCAR and UCP staff.


  • Dick Valent - UCAR/NCAR Ombudsman Program
  • Chris Davis - ASP
  • Lisa Gardiner - UCAR Center for Science Education
  • Kaye Howe - NSDL
  • Sanjiv Kumar - CGD
  • Raj Pandya - AGU Thriving Earth Exchange
  • Ryan Utz - NEON

Staff interested in experiencing an Ignite NCAR event are encouraged to attend. Email the Center if you'd like to be considered as a presenter. Ignite NCAR is held bi-annually, usually in February and September.

Foothills Main Seminar Room
Date of the event: 
September 24, 2013 - 3:30pm to 5:00pm

Videos from this Event

Kaye Howe at Ignite IV
Kaye Howe, director of NSDL, spins a tale of the age-old quest for knowledge and what we can learn from the journey.
Ryan Utz at Ignite IV
Ryan Utz tells us why 99 percent of the time ecology is the science of "It depends." He uses NEON's STReams Experimental Observatory Network (STREON) as a noteworthy example.
Advanced Study Program Director and accomplished meteorologist Chris Davis shares what we know about hurricanes and that which we still seek to know.
Sanjiv Kumar at Ignite IV
Sanjiv Kumar, a postdoc with NCAR's Climate & Global Dynamics, explains the limitations of regional climate models and the Ensemble Mean for making regional forecasts.
Lisa Gardiner at Ignite IV
Lisa Gardiner, an educational designer with Spark - UCAR Science Education, creatively intertwines her love of art and science with an eye on Earth's atmosphere.
Dick Valent at Ignite IV
Dick Valent shares what his role as an Ombuds entails at UCAR, from the process that ensues the moment he is contacted, to the benefits that he sees for staff when they need a neutral third party.
Ignite IV Raj Pandya
Raj Panya shares his work with the Thriving Earth Exchange, a program designed to make a lasting difference for the planet & society. Raj asks thought provoking questions beginning with "What if...".