Bill Kuo

William Kuo, Director of UCAR Community Programs (UCP)

Bill is the director of UCP and represents SciEd at the UCAR President's Council. Bill supervises the Program Directors and provides leadership for all UCP programs.


John Ristvey

John Ristvey, UCAR SciEd Director
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John is the Director of UCAR SciEd and the Associate Director of the GLOBE Implementation Office. He is responsible for the leadership, day-to-day operations, and strategic priorities for SciEd. John is also the principal investigator for the SOARS program.

Becca Hatheway

Becca Hatheway, Senior Program Manager 
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Becca works with the SciEd Director and staff to develop and execute the long-term strategic planning and daily operations for the Teaching and Learning group. Becca serves as a project manager of SciEd Exhibits and several direct funded projects.

Tim Barnes

Tim Barnes, Science Education Specialist (based at the NCAR Mesa Lab)
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Tim gives interpretive presentations, teaches educational programs for k-12 students visiting NCAR, presents activities at outreach events, and does wizard demos during Super Super Science Saturday. He also helps run the NCAR Undergraduate Leadership workshop.

Shaun Bush

Shaun Bush, Administrative Assistant
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Shaun is responsible for general administrative support for SciEd across a wide variety of activities. She is SciEd’s travel expert, Property Administrator, and meeting and event logistics guru. She also supports the SOARS program with general administration.

Sharon Clark

Sharon Clark, Web Engineer, Web Technology Lead
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Sharon is responsible for SciEd’s website, applications, and exhibits. Throughout her development and maintenance of SciEd technology, she ensures web content decisions are implemented based on web standards and best practices.

Emily Doremire

Emily Doremire, Program Administrator for SciEd and the NCAR Library
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Emily leads the financial management of SciEd and the NCAR Library. She handles budgeting, projections, and proposal submissions. As the lead administrator, she handles many UCAR requests, resolves many special issues, and advises on policies and procedures.

Tiffany Fourment

Tiffany Fourment, School and Public Programs Manager (based at the NCAR Mesa Lab)
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Tiffany leads the School and Public Programs team, coordinating and facilitating public tours, K-12 field trips and outreach events such as Super Science Saturday. She develops curriculum, manages SciEd social media, and contributes to the development of exhibit content.

Lisa Gardiner

Lisa S. Gardiner, Educational Designer III, Learning Materials Design Lead
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Lisa leads the team that develops educational resources, including the Learning Zone website, exhibit content, and K-12 curriculum for grant-funded projects. Lisa also disseminates resources through teacher professional development.

Keith Maull

Keith Maull, Software Engineer and Data Scientist (NCAR Library)
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Keith works part time on the SOARS program and provides technical support for the SOARS website. He leads summer workshops in computational thinking and Python. Keith also provides direct programming and data support to proteges and their projects.

Monica Morrison

Monica Morrison, SOARS Writing/Communication instructor

Monica works as the SOARS Writing Workshop Instructor for the SOARS Program.

Natalie Ponsford

Natalie Ponsford, Administrative Assistant
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Natalie just recently became a part of the SOARS team as the Interim Program Administrator, responsible for budgeting, projections, special issues and logistics among a wide variety of other activities. She's been at UCAR for 14 years as an Administrative Assistant in SciEd. She represents SciEd/SOARS as a member of the Safety, Security and DEI Committee and Workday Change Ambassador.

Melissa Rummel

Melissa Rummel, Educational Designer I, Educational Resource Developer and PD Instructor
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Melissa develops educational content for the Learning Zone website, exhibits, and K-12 curriculum focused on Earth Systems Science and NGSS. She also develops and facilitates STEM education professional development for K-12 teachers.

Emily Snode-Brenneman

Emily Snode-Brenneman, Program Specialist II, Project and PD Workshop Coordinator
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Emily works with members of the Teaching and Learning Team to coordinate timelines, projects, contractors, workshops, and the editorial review process for educational resources. She also facilitates teacher professional development workshops.

Kadidia Thiero

Kadidia Thiero, SOARS Program Lead
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Kadidia leads and manages the SOARS program. She is responsible for hands-on, year-round mentoring of 20 current SOARS Protégés, the ongoing support and engagement of alumni, and implementing the 11-week summer research program in Boulder.

Vanessa Vincente

Vanessa Vincente, SOARS Alumni Engagement Coordinator

Vanessa works as a meteorologist for The COMET Program, developing online education and training for the environmental sciences. She also works as the Alumni Engagement Coordinator for the SOARS Program, helping to lead efforts in the ongoing support and engagement of SOARS alumni.