Assemblage/Mixed Media/Sculpture by Michelle Lamb

Assemblage/Mixed Media/Sculpture by Michelle Lamb

January 6, 2019 to March 1, 2019

Multi-disciplinary artist Michelle Lamb of Littleton, Colorado, considers herself a maxed- rather than mixed-media artist, because she believes diversity keeps creativity fresh, exploration a must, and fuels the fire for reinvention. Lamb is a member of CORE New Art Space Gallery on 900 Santa Fe Drive in Denver and has a BFA from Colorado State University.

This body of work focuses on assemblages where Lamb skillfully manipulates and arranges found objects, allowing a determined amount of original patina, shape, texture or inherent iconography to provide the “plot” for her story. These objects are the “characters”, adding depth and weight to her narratives as Lamb prudently chooses whether to amplify them, or conversely, to alter and deconstruct their original context.

Lamb states, “turning trash into treasure is a kind of alchemy … more noble than the ethical necessity of recycling” and her transfiguration of making common-place or obsolete items purposeful and integral to one another, rather than a hodgepodge, is a bit magical.

Gestalt psychologist Koffka stated, “the whole is other than the sum of the parts” and this uniquely human phenomenon allows us to see a story without the use of words. Fascinated by people’s compulsion to integrate pieces into a whole and our tendency towards attaching meaning to them, Lamb’s work is a dichotomous dancing on the fine line of acknowledging this need while also defying its convention.