Mixed Media by Tabitha Aaron

Mixed Media by Tabitha Aaron

January 6, 2019 to March 1, 2019

Tabitha Aaron’s paintings are known to have a very soulful and calming effect. Within her paintings are several layers of Marmorino or Venetian plaster, each telling a different story. As Tabitha sees it, our lives are like layers, taking us through different “geological eras.” Each layer reveals evidence of how we were shaped into who we are. When all the layers are viewed together we see the beauty of the whole.

Tabitha uses the fragility of the animal kingdom as her subject, connecting us through the inherent rhythm of life, established through millions of years of biological evolution. With many of the earth inhabitants disappearing, Tabitha wants to focus on becoming transparent -- meaning nothing can alter, destroy, or challenge their existence; their spirit is strong and connects to each and every one of us. 

Tabitha works predominately with Venetian Plaster, Marmorino Plaster, acrylic, earth pigments, oil, charcoal and graphite, allowing her to push boundaries and create the memorable moving images she is striving for -- a process that requires trust, discipline, vulnerability and patience. Beginning with an open mind and a blank canvas, she starts by adding layers of plaster with a palette knife, then mixing in different pigments and glazes. This allows her the freedom to create without expectations as she initially takes more of an abstract approach. An image will naturally emerge though the layers, color and texture. She then begins to outline what she sees and lets the painting naturally evolve from there. The semi-transparent nature of the animal allows the subject to become an integral part of the background. Tabitha’s artistry is in a constant state of evolution; the boundaries must always be pushed. Being a creative artist provides a healthy alternative to managing her emotions and feelings.

Tabitha is an up-and-coming artist, showing her work in art fairs throughout Colorado and Arizona during the summer and fall. She was awarded Best of Show at the Parker Fine Art Festival in Parker, Colorado, in 2017. Tabitha shows her work at Creative Framing Art Gallery in Louisville, Colorado, where she was awarded the Art Collectors Award in 2016. She will be having another show at Creative Framing in March and April of 2019.