Pastel Paintings by Teri Hoyer

Pastel Paintings by Teri Hoyer

Pastel Paintings by Teri Hoyer September 8, 2019 to October 26, 2019
September 8, 2019 to October 26, 2019

Teri Hoyer’s pastel artwork strives to connect the viewer to the natural world as she experiences it – that connection for her is always soothing. Her work might be described as a balance of expressionism and realism. She chooses subjects based on the quality of light, the way the sun glints off the grass, the color of a deep shadow, or a sky full of contrasts. Much of her artwork arises from her love of the outdoors, as she’s an avid hiker in Colorado and the Southwest.

Teri claimed soft pastels as her medium decades ago, and still enjoys the vibrancy that pure pigment offers. In her work process, she begins a composition with extensive exploration of each potential painting in Adobe Photoshop. She then creates thumbnail sketches in gray to build a kinesthetic awareness of value. For larger paintings, she may execute several small color studies before moving to the full-scale piece. “The discipline to work through, and trust the process, was hard won.” Teri says. “It’s so easy to just start painting, which seldom results in successful art.”

In her current work, Teri uses commercially available paper manufactured exclusively for pastel paintings. She first builds an initial layer of color with an underpainting. Sometimes the underlayer is minimal – just suggestive swaths of pastel she then brushes in with alcohol. Other times, the painting demands a more elaborate base, which she paints in watercolor or multiple passes of pastel brushed with alcohol. After these initial color layers, Teri applies several more layers of pastels to achieve the final vibrant light, textures, and color of her original vision for the artwork.

Teri’s background is a combination of formal and informal training in both creating an artistic vision and in realizing that vision in the pastel medium. She’s attended many classes from legends in the pastel field, including Doug Dawson, Marla Baggetta, and Tony Alain, and is an active member of the Pastel Society of Colorado. Teri’s artwork has appeared in many juried art shows and has won numerous awards.