Photography For A Change Group Exhibit

Photography For A Change Group Exhibit

December 1, 2014 to January 30, 2015


Photography for a Change (PFAC) – Featured Artists


Dana Bove                                                                         

Photography has become a renewed passion over the last several years. Bove’s love for so many aspects of photography, from soaring raptors, faces captured in gorgeous light, incredible natural scenes around his Boulder home, and a special love for flowers that he inherited from his mom. Bringing the Photography for a Change project to life over the past year has fulfilled two dreams—one, to collaborate with other extremely talented photographers in sharing our images with the world and, second, to support two carefully selected local non-profit organizations through print sales (Attention Homes and Western Resource Advocates).

Maria Rosa Fusté                                                                                        

Fuste’s digital creations come from her imagination and the deep emotional well she carries in her heart. Although her normal subjects are the human figure, portraits, and highly-charged personal collages (all highly manipulated), She is finding that life in Colorado has her seeing more and more of the beauty in the natural world that surrounds us and so her “nature” portfolio has grown accordingly. Her tools are simple–the small camera in her Mac notebook computer or a pocket-sized point-and shoot, along with a photo editing program for her manipulations. For Fuste’, living far from her native Barcelona, Catalonia, her art is a form of emotional therapy.

 Daniel Joder                                                                     

Joder has carried a camera for many years during his many youthful adventures throughout the American Southwest, he never seriously pursued photography as art. In 2009, though, while living in Barcelona, something in his right brain clicked and he now considers himself an artist whose tool just happens to be a camera. Joder finds photography to be a wonderfully meditative experience and it helps him to “see” deeper into this wonderful world of ours. Whether he is making cityscapes, street portraits, landscapes or abstracts, he tends to prefer black and white as he thinks this pushes the viewer to pay closer attention to line, shape, form, texture, tone, and—ultimately--the story behind the image.

 Bryce Bradford                                                                     

Bradford started pressing the little doohickey in the summer of 2008, between his junior and senior high school years in Vista, CA. It took him a winter of spinning signs at stoplights to save up for the used camera, but it was worth it. Talk about a life-changing “Craigslist Buy”! Bradford moved to Colorado and has become obsessed with chasing storms, staying up through the night to watch the stars, and living on the road to experience as much of nature as he can. As artists, we are free to express our visions through our imagery. This being said, you may notice that his images are quite “pumped up”, as he spends significant amounts of time editing them to convey his own vision or feelings. Bradford’s hope is for you enjoy!