Watercolor Paintings by Nancy Sullo

Watercolor Paintings by Nancy Sullo

November 5, 2018 to January 4, 2019

Nancy Sullo responds to impressions of the world around her through her figurative and landscape watercolor painting. Capturing a moment in time, she works to transform an ordinary scene into something striking and often almost magical. 

Nancy has a particular passion for painting people. She aims for fresh and lively portrayals of her subjects, making use of lighting, color, and atmosphere to achieve this. 

Her subjects come from photos she’s taken, both recently and well in the past. All are a part of her life in some way. The subjects include old and young, family and friends, strangers who cross her path and people she’s met in Central America and Mexico.

This exhibit, “Life Studies,” is a celebration of the many aspects of humanity seen through Nancy’s lens and interpreted through her brush.

Nancy received a B.A. in Art, but for many years her life took other turns. Gradually her need to paint reemerged, enriched by experiences from her life. She tried out watercolor nearly 20 years ago and was captivated by the medium. Nancy has been in numerous juried shows, received several awards, and is a signature member of the Colorado Watercolor Society. She teaches a variety of watercolor classes, beginner through advanced. Nancy also does commissioned portraits of people and animals.