Coming Soon: The Eclipse Megamovie!

Coming Soon: The Eclipse Megamovie!

The November 14, 2012 solar eclipse captured by James Niland (bareego on Flickr) in Mossman, Queensland, Australia

The November 14, 2012 solar eclipse captured by James Niland (bareego on Flickr) in Mossman, Queensland, Australia. During a solar eclipse the moon is between The Sun and Earth.

Did you see the total solar eclipse on Tuesday? No? Why not? Was it because you weren't in Northern Australia? Yeah, that's where it could be seen.

But wait! I saw it and I wasn't in Australia. In fact, I'm looking at it right now. Yes, I am boasting. And, no, it is not still going on.

I can look at the eclipse by looking at my computer thanks to  oodles of people who took photos and video of the eclipse happening and posted them online.  Here's a movie of the eclipse posted by the BBC in which you can hear the crowd cheering the eclipse in Queensland, Australia.

As part of the Eclipse MegaMovie Project, people in Northern Australia were asked to upload the images they shot of the eclipse via the website. The purpose of the project is to bring people together to share their images and experiences around eclipses. The images and video will be compiled into one long movie showing the event. Stay tuned for the completed movie. And if you have images, upload them to Eclipse Megamovie so they can be included in the film.

The UCAR Center for Science Education's Randy Russell has been putting together educational resources for Eclipse MegaMovie including an interactive called Compare Solar Eclipses that allows you to choose and compare several different eclipse photos. Play with the new Solar Eclipse Memory Game and explore more educational resources about the Sun and Space Weather at the UCAR Center for Science Education!

Remember to never look directly at the Sun. That's dangerous. But feel free to look directly at movies, photos, games and interactives about the Sun. That's just good educational fun.