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Record Breaking Planet

Records set during the Olympics by fast swimmers and runners and all sorts of other athletes were exciting. They made people jump out of seats in living rooms around the world and cheer. But records set by our planet are another story. Those make me uneasy.

See Ya, Sea Ice.

In the Arctic Ocean, autumn doesn’t mean colorful leaves or harvesting pumpkins and apples. It means that the ice bobbing atop the sea around the North Pole is at its minimum after melting through the summer. This autumn, new records are being set for the minimum amount of sea ice in the Arctic.

SOARS protégés get their feet wet with participatory action research in the Bayou

By Monika Wnuk, UCAR Intern. Under the wing of their project mentor, Kristina Peterson, SOARS protégés Sandra Maina and Frances Roberts-Gregory spent their first weeks at late-night dinners, Masses, even shrimping with shrimpers, all for the sake of gaining trust from the community they would rely on for their research.

Amidst Burning Mountains

By Andre Perkins, SOARS Protégé. A curious cloud is visible in the rearview mirror. It’s much lower than any of the other cumulus puffs at the top of daytime thermals. Why is it so low? Is it coming from the mountains? I had never seen the effects of a wildfire in person before June 9th, 2012 when the High Park ignited to the west of Fort Collins, CO.

The Way I See Wildfire

By Stanley Edwin, SOARS Protégé. I could still see some of the smoke in the hills above Boulder when I returned from a science workshop in New Mexico. This told me how close the fire came to Boulder. As a former forest firefighter in Alaska, I have a little more experience with fires than most college students, so when I first heard about the fire encroaching on Boulder, I decided to reassure my SOARS friends that everything would be fine.