Mary Marlino

Director at UCAR
marlino at

Mary Marlino is Director of Digital Learning Sciences and the Library at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). She provides leadership for the strategic direction and programmatic development for information services that support the research and education mission of the institution, especially in the areas of scholarly communication, data curation and research impacts. Previously she was a principal investigator and Director of the Digital Library for Earth System Education, where she led the NSF-funded community development efforts for this geoscience education initiative. Prior to joining UCAR, Dr. Marlino was the first Director of Educational Technology at the United States Air Force Academy. She has significant experience in the management of innovative educational programs and library services, and in the evaluation of educational technologies.

Tamara Sumner

Executive Director at CU
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Tamara Sumner is Executive Director of DLS. She is responsible strategy development and the conduct of our research program. Sumner is also an Associate Professor at the University of Colorado, with a joint appointment between the Institute of Cognitive Science and the Department of Computer Science. She has significant experience in the theory, design, and evaluation of interactive learning environments, human-centered systems, digital libraries, and intelligent information systems. Since 2000, she has published over 50 articles on these topics.  More information



Keith Maull

Analytics and Repository Engineer
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Keith is an analytics and software engineer at NCAR library and holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Colorado, Boulder. His background includes a broad mix of both software development within the industry (from Fortune 50 to startups), to academic research where he studied computational models of teacher behavior within the Curriculum Customization Service. His research focus is on data mining, educational informatics and advanced analytics of repository utilization, scholarly impact, collaboration networks and scholarly communication.

Matt Mayernik

Research Data Scientist
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Matt is a Project Scientist and Research Data Services Specialist with the NCAR/UCAR Library and Digital Learning Sciences. He received his Masters and Ph.D. from the UCLA Department of Information Studies. His work focuses on conducting research and leading service development related to research data curation. His research interests include data publication and citation, metadata practices and standards, data curation education, and social and institutional aspects of research data. He is a member of the American Meteorological Society's Board on Data Stewardship.

Jonathan Ostwald

Software Engineer
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Jonathan is a software engineer at Digital Learning Sciences and holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science. His dissertation research focused on the critical role of rich descriptions in supporting collaborative design and examined how computers could leverage these descriptions to support organizational learning and knowledge management. He has written over a dozen peer-reviewed publications in these areas. Jonathan has significant expertise in core library technologies such as XML schemas and web services. He contributes to maintaining and extending library systems associated with managing the library's repository. Jonathan is currently a lead developer for the the Curriculum Customization Service (CCS) project.

Pat Steinkamp

Administrative Assistant III
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Pat comes to Digital Learning Sciences with extensive experience in administrative support. She provides general administrative, meeting and event planning, and logistical support for DLS staff, visitors, and community members. 

Michaeleen Trimarchi

Research Metrics Specialist
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Michaeleen is a Research Metrics Specialist at NCAR Library. She received her M.L.S. in chemical information and M.S. in chemistry from Indiana University followed by a postgraduate year at the National Library of Medicine at NIH as one of five NLM Associate Fellows in a competitive library leadership and management program. Her work focuses on quantitative and qualitative measures of research impact at a variety of levels, including institution, program, facilities and services, and individual author. She also provides support for citation management and GIS software. Prior to joining UCAR, as a librarian specializing in chemistry, medicine, and the life sciences, she spent five years at a Fortune 50 industrial research laboratory followed by over 20 years at an independent nonprofit biomedical research institute.