AGU 2013 Games & Simulations Sessions

AGU 2013 Games & Simulations Sessions

Games and SimulationsUCAR Center for Science Education staff member Randy Russell co-chaired (with Erin Wood of LASP) three sessions at the Fall 2013 Meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) in San Francisco, December 9-10, 2013.

Links to the resources presented during his talk, Games and Simulations for Climate, Weather and Earth Science Education, can be found here:

The full list of talks and posters in those sessions follows:


  • Oral Session ED13H Games, Interactive Simulations, and Virtual Labs for Science Teaching and Learning I - 9 December 2013 - 1:40-3:40 PM
    • ED13H-01 Engaging the Public in the MESSENGER Spacecraft’s Confirmation of Water Ice on Mercury by Using Actual Data - Keri Hallau; Clark R. Chapman; Julie P. Edmonds; Jeffrey J. Goldstein; Stacy Hamel; Bob Hirshon; Erick Malaret; Larry R. Nittler; Sean C. Solomon; Heather M. Weir
    • ED13H-02 Interactive Mapping of the Planets: An Online Activity Using the Google Earth Platform - Gordon R. Osinski; Alyssa Gilbert; Tanya N. Harrison; Marianne M. Mader; Bhairavi Shankar; Livio L. Tornabene
    • ED13H-03 Computer simulations for the Mars Atmospheric and Volatile EvolutioN (MAVEN) mission through NASA’s "Project Spectra!" - Erin L. Wood
    • ED13H-04 Building worlds and learning astronomy on Facebook - James B. Harold; Dean C. Hines
    • ED13H-05 Engaging Systems Understanding through Games - Stephanie L. Pfirman; Joey J. Lee; Ken Eklund; Margie Turrin; Tanya O'Garra; Benjamin S. Orlove
    • ED13H-06 The Monash University Interactive Simple Climate Model - Dietmar Dommenget
    • ED13H-07 Games and Simulations for Climate, Weather and Earth Science Education - Randy M. Russell
    • ED13H-08 Educational Videogames: Concept, Design And Evaluation - Daniel Rohrlick; Alan Yang; Deborah L. Kilb; Logan Ma; Roxanne Ruzic; Cheryl L. Peach; Charina C. Layman
  • Oral Session ED14C Games, Interactive Simulations, and Virtual Labs for Science Teaching and Learning II - 9 December 2013 - 4-6 PM
    • ED14C-01 The GB/3D Type Fossils Online Web Portal - Timothy McCormick; Michael P. Howe
    • ED14C-02 MACMA: a Virtual Lab for Plate Tectonics - Cecile Grigne; Manuel Combes; Chantal Tisseau
    • ED14C-03 Logging Student Learning via a Puerto Rico-based Geologic Mapping Game on the Google Earth Virtual Globe - Janice Gobert; Ermal Toto; Steven C. Wild; Mladen M. Dordevic; Declan G. De Paor
    • ED14C-04 Web-based Interactive Landform Simulation Model - Grand Canyon - Wei Luo; Jon D. Pelletier; Kirk Duffin; Carol J. Ormand; Wei-chen Hung; Ellen A. Iverson; David Shernoff; Xiaoming Zhai; Anjana Chowdary
    • ED14C-05 Teaching water sustainability and STEM concepts using in-class, online, and real-world multiplayer simulations - Stephen M. Moysey; Alexander C. Hannah; Savannah Miller; Catherine Mobley
    • ED14C-06 Interactive Web-based Floodplain Simulation System for Realistic Experiments of Flooding and Flood Damage - Ibrahim Demir
    • ED14C-07 “Edutainment” as a Proxy to Transfer of Experience in Marine Exploration - Douglas R. Levin; Jacqueline Buskop; Matt Drutjons; Jameson Culp; John Seidel
    • ED14C-08 Gamification – Environmental and Sustainable Development Organizations Could Do More - Charles R. Ziegler; C. A. Miller; Vasu Kilaru; Rebecca A. French; Robert Costanza; Allen Brookes


  • Poster Session ED23 Games, Interactive Simulations, and Virtual Labs for Science Teaching and Learning III - 10 December 2013 - 1:40-6:00 PM
    • ED23C-0726 A Microsoft Excel interface for rhyolite-MELTS: a tool for research and teaching of magma properties and evolution - Guilherme A. Gualda; Mark S. Ghiorso
    • ED23C-0727 Exploring the Earth System through online interactive models - Laurence A. Coogan
    • ED23C-0728 Google Glass: An Evolution in Education or the Next Segway? - John E. Bailey
    • ED23C-0729 Improving student comprehension of the interconnectivity of the hydrologic cycle with a novel “hydrology toolbox”, integrated watershed model, and companion textbook - Laurie S. Huning; Steven A. Margulis
    • ED23C-0730 Interactive 3D Visualization of the Great Lakes of the World (GLOW) as a Tool to Facilitate Informal Science Education - M. Burak Yikilmaz; Cara L. Harwood; Sherry Hsi; Louise H. Kellogg; Oliver Kreylos; John McDermott; Braden Pellett; Geoffrey Schladow; Heather M. Segale; Steve Yalowitz
    • ED23C-0732 Trash Can Volcano – One Change of State with Endless Possibilities - Kyle A. Brill; Federica Lanza; Emily E. Gochis; Hans N. Lechner; Gregory P. Waite
    • ED23C-0733 Using a Virtual Experiment to Analyze Infiltration Process from Point to Grid-cell Size Scale - Miguel I. Barrios
San Francisco, California
Date of the event: 
December 9, 2013 (All day) to December 10, 2013 (All day)