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In the fall of 2010, NCAR helped to launch an innovative program entitled Launch Space through the Boulder History Museum with funding from the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District. Approximately 20 middle-school students learned about space and aerospace science through the stories of those at NCAR, NOAA, Ball Aerospace, and the University of Colorado's Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics. Not only would the students interview the scientists, they would also learn how to write, edit and produce a video that captures these scientists' stories. 

The inaugural program evolved into the non-profit Earth Explorers, which continues today. Its mission is to open doors to science and 21st century skills by educating and mentoring underrepresented youth. NCAR, its scientists, and educators are proud to support a program that unites 21st century storytelling using video production with scientists and their work. Those who have generously participated at NCAR are listed below.

Involvement is greatly appreciated, even more so because the scientists have little input other than how they choose to share their work with their production crew. Final videos are largely the students' creation, including the storyline, filming, editing, and music. Consequently, a measure of trust, humor, and even a little creativity are a prerequiste, as illustrated in the video below with NCAR scientist Tiffany Duhl (who must have been a drama star in high school). A few other videos are highlighted here, but many more are also on the Earth Explorers Vimeo site.

Thank you to all the scientists listed below who generously shared the story of their science! 

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Many more of the student video productions are posted for your viewing pleasure online at Vimeo.

Scientists Participating in Earth Explorers since 2010

 Spring 2013 Participants Fall 2012 Participants Spring 2012 Participants Fall 2011 Participants Spring 2011 Participants Spring 2010 Participants 

 Teresa Campos
 P. Romero Lankeo
 Ryan Neely 

 Cecile Hannay
 C. Wiedinmyer
 D. Lombardozzi
 Ernesto Munoz  
 Luna Rodriquez
 Vidal Salazar

 Wendy Abshire
 Tiffany Duhl
 Kyoko Ikeda
 Ernesto Munoz  
 Nicholas Potts
 Sarah Tessendorf

 Janine G. Aquino
 Mark Bradford
 Beth Holland
 Gary Strand

 Joan Burkepile

 Matt Kelsch
 Julie Petro  
 C. Wiedinmyer
 Matthew Woitaszek



 Jack Fox
 Peggy Lemone  
 Travis Metcalf
 Kate Young  


Scientists interested in participating in future Earth Explorer productions are encouraged to contact the UCAR Center for Science Education.

Trail Ridge Middle School
Date of the event: 
February 1, 2013 - 6:00pm