GLOBE Weather Field Test Teacher Recruitment

GLOBE Weather Field Test Teacher Recruitment

BSCS and the UCAR Center for Science Education (UCAR SciEd) are collaborating to design and develop an innovative, NGSS-based middle school science unit on weather that uses activities, data, and scientific protocols from the GLOBE Program. The unit development is being funded by NASA and in coordination with the GLOBE Implementation Office in Boulder, Colorado. Students will engage with GLOBE weather data to make sense of interesting real-world phenomena through the BSCS 5E instructional approach. Resources provided in the unit will include teacher and student materials, model assessments, GLOBE resources, and materials for use in teacher professional development. The final unit is intended for use by both existing GLOBE teachers and teachers who are new to GLOBE.

This 4-5 week curriculum unit, called GLOBE Weather, is a comprehensive approach to the NGSS-based concepts on weather, such as the uneven heating of Earth, local and global atmospheric circulation, and air mass formation and collision, all in pursuit of understanding normal weather patterns and extreme weather events that we experience in our everyday lives.

We are recruiting twelve middle school science teachers to attend a teacher professional development workshop in Boulder, CO, in August 2017 and field test the instructional unit with students in the fall semester of 2017. Teacher and student feedback will play a significant role in informing the revision of the materials. Please note that it isn’t a requirement for field test teachers to be familiar with the GLOBE Program in order to participate.

UCAR SciEd will select field test teachers using a variety of criteria to ensure a diverse group of field test teacher and student perspectives.

Applicants must be able to:

  1. Between July 28 - August 13, 2017, spend five hours reading pre-workshop materials to prepare for the professional development workshop.

  2. August 13-18, 2017, attend a professional development workshop at UCAR in Boulder, CO, to be trained in the GLOBE Weather instructional materials. The workshop will run from August 14-17, 2017, with travel to/from Boulder, CO, on August 13 and 18, 2017. UCAR SciEd will pay for travel, lodging, and meals for this workshop.

  3. By the end of September 2017, obtain permission for all or most of your students to collect assessment data and student work for research purposes.

  4. Between October 2 - December 15, 2017, teach a four- to five-week instructional unit about weather to middle school students. As part of this work, you will need to assist UCAR SciEd/BSCS in gathering the required pre- and post-assessment data on students, as well as samples of student work.

  5. By December 15, 2017, provide evaluation feedback on the instructional unit.

Field Test Information:

In fall 2017, teachers will field test the GLOBE Weather unit in their classrooms in place of their traditional unit on weather. Teaching these materials should take between four and five weeks on a traditional (50-55 minute) schedule. The field test process involves:

  • Administering pre- and post-tests

  • Teaching the entire unit to the same class or group of students in a consecutive 4-5 week period of time

  • Providing UCAR SciEd and BSCS staff with artifacts of student work (such as copies of completed activity sheets)

  • Collecting permission forms for photographs that are taken in your classrooms, and taking photographs of students while they engage in GLOBE Weather activities

  • Answering evaluation questions about each activity in online surveys (one survey per activity)


UCAR SciEd will provide travel, lodging, and meals for the professional development workshop. In addition, UCAR SciEd will provide field test teachers with a $1440 stipend: $300 after completing the workshop and $1140 after receipt of evaluation materials. UCAR SciEd is unable to provide funds for substitute teachers.

To Apply:

Please complete the GLOBE Weather Field Test Teacher Application and submit it by June 11, 2017. We will begin reviewing applications on June 12, 2017 and continue until the twelve slots are filled.

If you have questions, please contact Becca Hatheway ( Please feel free to pass on this information to colleagues who might be interested. We look forward to hearing from you!



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