SOARS Recommendation Form 2018

SOARS Recommendation Form 2018

Confidential Recommendation Form

Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science (SOARS)

Thank you for agreeing to provide a recommendation for a student applying for the SOARS program. SOARS is an undergraduate to graduate program dedicated to broadening participation in the atmospheric and related sciences. SOARS is built around a summer research internship, mentoring by top scientists and engineers, and a supportive learning community. In addition to the summer internship, SOARS includes year-round support, funding to attend conferences and last-dollar tuition scholarships. Successful proteges are eligible to participate in the program for up to four years.

We encourage applications from individuals who are members of groups that are historically under-represented in the atmospheric and related sciences, including students who are Black or African American, American Indian or Alaska Native, and Hispanic or Latino, female, first generation college students, veterans and students with disabilities. SOARS welcomes lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students; students who have experienced, and worked to overcome, educational or economic disadvantage and/or have personal or family circumstances that may complicate their continued progress in research careers.

The SOARS Program is administered by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. 

For more information about the SOARS program, please visit

Recommender's Information
Applicant's Info
Letter of recommendation

As a separate document, please provide a summary of the candidate's potential to succeed in the SOARS program by addressing the following topics:

  • How long you've known the applicant and to whom you are comparing him/her (e.g. "I have know the applicant for three years and am measuring his/her abilities against the 100 undergraduates I have taught during my career.").
  • The applicant's potential strengths in a collaborative research environment and examples of times you have seen the candidate demonstrate those strengths.
  • The quality of the applicant's academic or creative achievements, including material not apparent on the official transcripts.
  • The applicant's scholarly or creative potential and promise for advanced and original work.
  • The applicant's ability to make use of the opportunity provided by the SOARS Program.
  • Those aspects of the applicant's personality and character significant to overall preparation and aptitude for this program and/or graduate study.
  • If applicable, please articulate how the student that you're recommending contributes to the SOAR's mission.

Please note:  Your recommendation will not be considered complete without a letter written on official letterhead with a handwritten signature.

Accepted file types include .pdf, .doc, and .docx.