Engineering Experiences

UAV Flying

A student attempts to yaw, pitch, and roll during an aerial maneuver in flight as safety and navigational assistants look on.

Production, Editing and Engineering

Students practice their newly developed production, lighting, and questioning skills during an interview with an Engineering Experiences Coach.

UAV Filming

Students fly their UAV and record footage as they approach the simulated town of Disasterville.

Initial awe with UAV flying

An EngEx coach and students look with awe as their UAV takes flight.

An EngEx student consults with a coach.

A student consults with an Engineering Experiences Coach about his Disasterville editing project.

Mentor Interviews

 Middle School students in the I Have a Dream program discuss engineering careers with EngEx mentors from Ball Aerospace.

Through Engineering Experiences, we hope to awaken your own cleaverness to make, tinker, and devise solutions to problems in the atmospheric and space sciences that excite you about the power of engineering in our world today, in our future, and in our everyday lives. Engineering solves problems and brings innovations to life. With engineering, its no longer true that the sky is the limit. What those limits are, are truly up to problem solvers and Dreamers like you. 

Engineering takes persistence, grit, and a willingness to iterate on one's own or a team's design process in order to devise a workable solution. Failure can be part of the process, but so is learning and improving on one's initial design in order to make the final solution as effective, efficient, and safe as necessary.

Below is a graphic explaining the engineering design process used by Engineering Experiences. Steps customarily include asking, exploring, designing, creating, testing, improving, and finally sharing a finished design solution after multiple iterations.

Credit: Modified from McREL International; Click to enlarge.