Engineering Experiences is a project created especially for students in an after-school program! Learn about the field of engineering as it relates to atmospheric and space sciences and how you can use engineering to help people in your own community and around the world.  

Consider ways in which engineering could be part of your future career. Over the course of a year, you will work with coaches and mentors who are eager to engage your interest in their profession, and expose you to the role engineering plays in today's and tomorrow's workplace. We'll also share information with you about high school engineering programs in your area so you can consider what they have to offer and if the program is right for you.

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Engineering Experiences is a Three-Part Program

Students are immersed in activities that involve flying unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs. It is necessary for students to use their new-found skills to fly rescue missions and design rescue apparatus in response to a devastating natural disaster.

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Learn editing and production techniques to tell the story of Disasterville and its engineering challenges and successes. Practice your questioning skills by interviewing UAV pilots and EngEx coaches. Check out a Production Log Book here!

EngEx Mentors visit students in after-school settings.Students participate in activities that highlight components of EngEx Mentors' work in atmospheric and space science fields and practice their informational interviewing skills as a method to learn about future careers.