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EngEx Coaches

EngEx coaches enjoy a student's video after one of the EngEx Editing and Engineering sessions.

Coach Milly talks with a student.

A student discusses the Disasterville mission with an EngEx Coach.

Coach Billy helps with editing.

A student and EngEx Coach troubleshoot an editing challenge within the student's engineering story. 

Coach Sarah

Above, An EngEx Coach discusses UAV navigation basics with a student.

Welcome to Engineering Experiences (EngEx)! Our STEM Coaches are on the front lines working with students as they share their passion of engineering and ignite students' interest in this critically important career field.

To assist EngEx Coaches in having a successful experience with Dreamers, below you will find:

  • Engineering Experiences curriculum and the Curriculum Customization platform
  • Advise on sharing your story and career path
  • I Have a Dream policies and practices
  • Out-of-School-Time principles for working with middle school students
  • Best practices for engineering education
  • Strategies for reaching youth from diverse background

Links of importance include:


Engineering Experiences Timeline for 2017/2018

  • August 14th: Week 1 of student recruitment; Parent meeting
  • August 21st: Week 2 of student recruitment; Demos and promotion
  • September 4th: Engineering Experiences UAV Disasterville session begins
  • October 2nd: Mentor Panel, Career questions and answers
  • October 28th: Mentor Panel, Career questions and answers
  • December 4th: Community engagement show-and-tell
  • December 11th: Engineering Experiences special event


Disasterville from the UCAR Center for Science Education on Youtube. .

Credit: UCAR