For Mentors

An intern with a mentor

Why Be a Mentor?

Most mentors get involved due to an intention and desire to give back and be of service, but often mentors find that they receive much more than they give. The students that Engineering Experiences support are expected to have little to no exposure to engineering, the design process, or the Do-It-Yourself or maker movements. You will serve as an important role model who has the opportunity to instill hope, opportunity, and a pathway into high school classes and college or career fields like your own that prior were unknown, unexplored, and too often seen as out-of-reach.

Instilling confidence, persistence, and a willingness to learn from failure has the power to close the achievement gap for I Have a Dream students.  YOU can make a difference.

Below, please find links to resources we think you'll find helpful:


Engineering Experiences Timeline for 2017/2018

  • August 14th: Week 1 of student recruitment; Parent meeting
  • August 21st: Week 2 of student recruitment; Demos and promotion
  • September 4th: Engineering Experiences UAV Disasterville session begins
  • October 2nd: Mentor Panel, Career questions and answers
  • October 28th: Mentor Panel, Career questions and answers
  • December 4th: Community engagement show-and-tell
  • December 11th: Engineering Experiences special event