Partners and People

EngEx STEM Coaches

Everett Abegg, Undergrad, 
University of Colorado,
Chemical Engineering
Milly Dong, Ph.D. Student,
University of Colorado,
Chemical Engineering
Sam Nesmith, Undergrad,
University of Colorado, Mechanical Engineering

Sarah Larson, Undergrad, 
University of Colorado,
Aerospace Engineering

Lea Sorret, Ph.D. Student,
University of Colorado,
Chemical Engineering

Graycen Wheeler, Ph.D.
University of
Colorado, Biochemistry



EngEx Mentors and Volunteers

Duncan Axisa, Ph.D.,
NCAR; Expertise:
UAVs, Airborne
Instrumentation & Measurement
Vidal Salazar, Ph.D.,
NASA; Expertise:
Field Campaigns,
Research, Project
Mari Tye, Ph.D.,
NCAR; Expertise:
Engineering for
Weather and Climate Extremes
Kate Young, M.S.,
NCAR; Expertise:   Dropsonde and Instrumentation
Teresa Campos,
Expertise: Atmos.
Chemistry; Engineering;
Allison Barto, B.S.,
Ball Aerospace;
Expertise: Systems
Engineering & Program Mngmt, Satellite Payloads, Physics
Hilary Payne, M.B.A.,
Ball Aerospace; 
Expertise: Aerospace Analysis/Compliance; 
Co-lead Ball Hispanic Resource Group
Juancarlos (JC) Soto, B.S., Ball Aerospace;
Expertise: Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Satellite Mechanical Systems
Casey Waggy, M.S.,
Ball Aerospace; Expertise: Thermal Engineer; Satellites
Nicki Manzanares,
Ball Aerospace; 
Expertise: Software & Electrical Engineering
Denise Henry, Ball Aerospace; 
Education & Outreach
Stein Sture, Ph.D.,
Univ. of Colorado;
Expertise: STEM Research
Billy Raseman

Todd Barto, B.S., MDA Information Systems, LLC, Expertise: 
Aerospace Engineer;
1st Robotics volunteer

Scott Sewell, Ph.D.,
engineering and system design

Milly Dong, Ph.D., 
Student, Volunteer, 
University of Colorado, Engineering & Applied Sciences

Billy Raseman, Ph.D. Student, Volunteer,
University of Colorado, Engineering & Applied Sciences


The UCAR Center for Science Education (SciEd)

John Ristvey, M.S.,
Project Investigator (PI) for Engineering Experiences and director of the UCAR Center for Science Education 
Teresa Eastburn, M.S., responsible for recruitment of
 coaches/mentors, and professional
development of coaches
Lisa Gardner, Ph.D., is responsible for the professional development of coaches throughout EngEx and graphic  design for EngExRandy Russell, Ph.D.,  Co-PI, responsible for EngEx atmospheric
and space-related


University of Colorado, Boulder (CU)


Tammy Sumner, Ph.D., EngEx Co-PI, University of CO;
Expertise: Learning
Experiences, Know-
Ledge, Persistence,
and Motivation
Srinjita Bhaduri,
University of
Colorado Ph.D.
Student; EngEx
project researcher
student lead
Varsha Srikanth Koushik, University
of Colorado Ph.D. 
Student; EngEx
STEM student
Alexandra Gendreau,
University of Colorado
Ph.D. Student; 
student researcher


UCAR Digital Learning Sciences (DLS)

Holly Devaul, M.S., leads integration of curriculum and resources into the
Curriculum Customization Services (CCS) platform
John Weatherley, M.S., software engineer responsible for Curriculum Customization development needs


I Have A Dream Foundation, Boulder County 

Garett Brownlee Plantz, I have
a Dream (IHAD)
Program Director
for Boulder County
Ashley Keltner,
IHAD's Volunteer
for Boulder County
Marissa Seuc-Heste,
Program Director
for IHAD Griffin
Seth Hays,
Program Director
for IHAD Aspen


Engineering Experiences Advisors

Nicole Shlectman, Ph.D., Senior
Education Researcher
for SRI International,
Menlo Park, CA
Gerhard Salinger,
 Retired Program Officer for the National Science Foundation (NSF)

Mimi Recker, Ph.D., 
Department head, Instructional Technology & Learning Science, Utah State 
Elizabeth Jessup, Ph.D., Professor of Computer Science in the CU College of Engineering