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EngEx is an after school program for middle school students who participate in the I Have a Dream program and other students from participating schools. Students work with coaches from CU Boulder, mentors from local organizations, and volunteers to explore engineering related to atmospheric and space sciences. Students will solve real-world problems using the engineering design process. Through engineering, Students can make their world and their community a better place.

Read these short blogs, Getting Scientific with Your New Drone, and You Have a New Drone... Now What?  when and if you find yourself with a new UAV or with access to one through a program like Engineering Experiences. The first blog helps students get started with their UAVs through EngEx lessons freely available online. It begins with basic flight lessons from EngEx's "UAV Flight School" activities. One activity in particular covers important terminology and concepts to know such as pitch, yaw and roll, and how a UAV controller works. In the second blog, there are three lessons that will be particularly helpful to get someone started with UAV flying. Once someone feels that they have enough experience, the second blog reviews other worthwhile scientific challenges regarding payloads, battery lifetimes, and simulated rescue challenges.

Disasterville Relief Mission from UCAR Center for Science Education on Youtube.

EngEx Editing & Engineering Quest from UCAR Center for Science Education on Youtube.

EngEx Student Resources

Engineering Experiences Timeline for 2017/2018

  • August 14th: Week 1 of student recruitment; Parent meeting
  • August 21st: Week 2 of student recruitment; Demos and promotion
  • September 4th: Engineering Experiences UAV Disasterville session begins
  • October 2nd: Mentor Panel, Career questions and answers
  • October 28th: Mentor Panel, Career questions and answers
  • December 4th: Community engagement show-and-tell
  • December 11th: Engineering Experiences special event

Engineering and STEM HS Feeder Progams for Angevine and Timberline Middle Schools