The Warmest Year on Record, Again

Global average surface temperature in 2016 was 1.69°F (0.94°C) above the 20th century average. This is the third year in a row that our planet has set a new record for unusual heat.

Why Do We Care About Ozone’s Effects on Plants?
In addition to damaging the leaves of some plants, ozone pollution can impact plant growth, including plants we use as a source of food.
Teachers Test Data Collection in the Ozone Garden at NCAR
A group of middle and high school science teachers visited the ozone gardens at NCAR and tried out our new data collection sheets.
Ozone Garden at the Mountain Research Station
Learn about our newest ozone garden in Colorado! This summer we planted a garden at the University of Colorado Mountain Research Station in order to study ozone pollution at higher elevations.
Ozone Garden Differences Across Boulder
Even though the Front Range in Colorado is known to have high levels of ozone, ozone measurements can vary greatly between locations, even within the same city.
World's Hottest Year…Probably
2014 was, quite likely, the warmest in the past 135 years. We know that because we know the uncertainty.
Why is ice slippery?
When it’s freezing outside, it can be icy too. People walking down the street find their feet sliding in directions that they didn’t intend. A few unlucky ones slip and fall. But have you ever wondered why we slip?
Flood Math in Boulder, Colorado
At Boulder's climate station, 14.6 inches of rain fell between September 9, and early morning, September 13, 2013. Most of that rain (more than 9 inches) fell on September 12. That’s a lot, right? Or is it?
Watch: Three Years of the Sun
Time-lapse movie of three years of the Sun as viewed in ultraviolet "light" by NASA's SDO satellite.
Record Breaking Planet
Records set during the Olympics by fast swimmers and runners and all sorts of other athletes were exciting. They made people jump out of seats in living rooms around the world and cheer. But records set by our planet are another story. Those make me uneasy.