Undergraduate Leadership Workshop (ULW)

This five-day immersion experience at NCAR in Boulder, CO, gives college students a chance to explore careers in the atmospheric sciences, and develop their leadership potential. Scientific areas of focus include weather, forecasting, climate modeling, solar dynamics, and societal impacts of severe weather and climate change. The 2018 Undergraduate Leadership Workshop is running from June 3 - 9 this year. 

Undergraduate Leadership Workshop group photo

Career Development

Participating students will have a chance to hear from scientists on their research, to visit several labs and facilities, and to participate in career panels with panelists from both academia and the private sector. Past participants have said that the ULW opened their eyes to a whole new world in atmospheric science, and that at the ULW they connected with peers with similar interests.

Leadership Training

Participating students learn about what informal leadership looks like, and how people with leadership qualities use values to guide their choices and actions. The students will have discussions with leaders at NCAR/UCAR, such as the Director of NCAR, Dr. Jim Hurrell, one of the first developers of groundbreaking atmospheric computer models, Dr. Warren Washington, Ph.D., and Dr. Tom Windham, Ph.D., who is renowned for creating effective learning and mentoring communities.

Mentoring, Teamwork, and Exploring Careers

Students have one-on-one conversations with mentors to hear about what life is like in the atmospheric sciences, and get guidance on their own career paths. We also hold career panels with atmospheric scientists working in academia and the private sector, which gives students a taste of possible career tracks. This past year, students worked in groups on creating career profiles in the atmospheric sciences. 

Developing Professional and Career Skills

Students participate in seminars on graduate school and professional development workshops, including résumé-writing and other non-technical skills. These are designed to help them succeed in whatever endeavors they pursue.  

Making Connections with Peers

Students come from around the nation and connect with peers, and experience immersion in a scientific community in a new part of the country. With the support of the ULW staff, mentors, and the student cohort, students can discover their own passions and new possibilities.





For more information, please contact us at ulw_at_ucar.edu.



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