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Learn about what a summer research experience is and and how to apply for one!

Check out the many internships and opportunities offered at NCAR.

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A one-week career development workshop for undergraduates in the atmospheric sciences.

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Learn more about NCAR's professional development workshops that help support interns in their science and engineering training.

A research and mentoring program engaging community college students in the geosciences.

A research and mentoring program engaging community college students in the geosciences.

A meeting which brought together many of today's postdoctoral researchers who work in the geosciences, including the atmospheric, Earth, ocean, and polar sciences.

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The Pre-College Internship Program (PRECIP) is designed to engage high school students in the atmospheric and related science fields in a summer internship at NCAR.

Check out other career development opportunities.
Nicole Ortiz is shown modifying a component of a laboratory test system. This particular system is used to test for interferences and to optimize the individual components of an NO and NOy Chemiluminescence instrument. The optimization allows for measurement on the order of parts per trillion by volume to be made in real time on an aircraft of ground based platform.
Learn about careers in the atmospheric and related sciences.
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Learn more about what atmospheric science professionals do for their jobs.

Here you'll find videos, interviews with scientists, and archived webcasts and webinars from leaders in the atmospheric and related sciences. You can also check out UCARLive to watch live webcasts and to see an upcoming schedule of events.


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