Sample Schedule for the ULW

Although no ULW is ever the same, the following sample schedule will give you a good idea of the kinds of activities, tours, and discussions experienced during the workshop.


  • Participants arrive in Boulder
  • Informal dinner with other ULW participants and staff


  • Introduction and overview of the ULW
  • Conversation with the Director of NCAR
  • Professional Development seminar: communicating professionally
  • Preparing for the project on careers in atmospheric sciences
  • Systems Game part I


  • Presentations from CESM scientists
  • Project time: careers in the atmospheric sciences
  • Leadership Activity: Finding your personal motivators
  • Professional Development seminar
  • Trail hike


  • Presentations on weather research
  • Project time: careers in the atmospheric sciences
  • Leaderhip Activity: Identifying your core values
  • Early career scientist and grad school panel
  • Preparing for grad school
  • Group activity outside


  • Presentation on societal impacts of severe weather
  • Project time: careers in the atmospheric sciences
  • Leadership Activity: Identifying your S.M.A.R.T. goals 
  • Private sector career panel
  • Professional Development: resume & cover letter writing


  • Presentations on careers in the atmospheric sciences
  • Discussion on communicating about science with others
  • Reflection and presentations on the ULW
  • Tour of NCAR's Research Aviation Facility


  • Check out of lodging, depart Boulder

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