GEO REU Workshop 2016

Sept 21 - 23, 2016, Boulder, CO

View from Mesa Lab at NCAR

This meeting will bring together leaders of Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) in the broader geosciences from more than 50 universities and organizations across the nation to share best practices, build community connections, and address national incentives.  

When is the workshop? The meeting will begin in the late afternoon/evening of Sept. 21st, and end after lunch on Friday, Sept. 23rd.  Partipants will have the option of staying for a geology field trip to Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Friday afternoon and staying over Friday night.  (We just have to confirm that hotel rooms are available).

Where will the workshop take place?  We will begin the meeting at the beautiful NCAR Mesa Lab in Boulder and continue at the Center Green campus on Thursday and Friday. On Friday afternoon, there will be a field trip to Red Rocks Amphitheatre, which is near Morisson, Colorado. The location and timing of the meeting were determined by space availability and cost, the timing with respect to the GSA Meeting in Denver, and other factors.  

Who can attend?   PIs or managers of REU sites that are funded by the NSF Directorate of Geosciences (including AGS, EAR, OCE, PLR) can attend.  NSF will support travel and registration fees for one representative from each GEO REU site. If the PI cannot attend, a co-PI or someone who manages the REU can attend in their place.  Additional participants from an REU must cover their travel and registration fee ($190) using other resources.  

Which costs are covered?  Flights, shuttles, lodging, and per diem will be provided for one person from each GEO REU site.  

How will travel be funded?  Travel will be funded either by the NSF award for the GEO REU Workshop that is managed by UCAR.

Can I book travel and get reimbursed later?  No.  Please do not book travel at this point. For those whose travel will be funded by the workshop, you will get to arrange travel with our travel agent according to your desired schedule, and the workshop will pay.  

GEO REU PIs gathered in 2014

What if we have two people who want to come from our REU?  We can manage hosting some extra people, in case you have a second person who you want to bring, but their travel costs are not currently supported by the workshop award.  They will need to pay a workshop registration fee and cover their travel expenses using other funds.

Where will guests stay?  Currently we have room blocked off for guests at the Hampton Inn & Suites Boulder - North, also known as Hampton Inn Gunbarrel.  Local transportation between the hotel and conference site will be provided.

What is the purpose of this meeting?  This workshop will bring together PIs of more than fifty GEO REU Site programs to promote the sharing of collective wisdom of PIs. The face-to-face meeting allows PIs to feel less isolated and promotes connections between these workshops.  These workshops also provide an opportunity for the GEO REU community to tackle common problems and issues.  

A registration site will be up soon.

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If you are interested in learning more, please contact Valerie Sloan.

This workshop will be hosted by UCAR and is being funded by the National Science Foundation's Geoscience Directorate and the SOARS Program.