Running an REU

Picture of an undergraduate student presenting a poster at a conference

Tips and suggestions on how to prepare for an upcoming scientific conference.

Students working together in a team-building activity

Activities and tools to use in getting students to feel comfortable in their new relationships with peers and mentors.

A group of interns sitting together
Learn how to prepare a description of your REU, which recruiting strategies to use, and where to post your opportunity online.
A group of interns

A collection of papers, posters, and abstracts on topics related to the research experiences for undergraduates.

A student conducting research

Identify the goals of the assessment, develop program evaluations, and get examples and tools for evaluating the program.

A student doing research

How to prepare mentors for mentoring students in science projects.

Running an REU
Tips, tools, and strategies for managing an REU in the geosciences effectively
A mentor helping a student
Guide students on including their REU experience in their résumé or CV, for example the work experience and the various types of skills learned.
Students doing research
Learn what to include on your REU website, how to create an effective application form, and how to write essay questions that will better inform you about the student.