Who should I choose as my Partner?

For the Spark, the choice of Partner within your department is important, as this person will be key for helping you implement the broadening participation and inclusion plan that you will develop together  during the workshop. They should be supportive of your career and willing to advocate for changes to your departmental culture.  

The ideal partner to participate with you in the Sparks for Change workshop will be:

  • Supportive of you and your career progression
  • Interested in making your department more inclusive and welcoming to students and faculty from all backgrounds
  • Have a position in the department to advocate for broadening participation efforts and institutional culture change (ideally department chair or senior faculty, tenured)
  • Excited about the idea of investigating, developing, and implementing new ideas 
  • Open to working with a diverse group of people across institutions
  • Willing to become a leader in the effort to diversify the geosciences