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Pre-College Internship Program (PRECIP)

Pre-College Internship Program (PRECIP)

PRECIP, the Pre-College Internship Program, is a high school program designed to engage high school students in the atmospheric and related science fields. The program is designed to allow high school students to participate in a summer internship at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). Students participate in research projects with scientists and engineers as part of a six week program.

Student in EOL's SUPER program

Summer Undergraduate Program for Engineering Research (SUPER)

While working at EOL, interns help develop new instrumentation and improve our existing suite of NSF/NCAR lower atmospheric observing facilities. Most internships also offer the opportunity to gain practical experience operating facilities in the field by deploying on one of our NSF-funded research projects.

Unidata Summer Internship

Unidata Summer Internship offers graduate students and upper-level undergrads an opportunity to work with Unidata software engineers and scientists on projects drawn from a wide variety of areas that overlap atmospheric and computational sciences.

 Convection patterns in numerical simulations of the Sun: temperature Illustration by Mark Miesch

HAO Graduate Fellowship

Graduate fellowships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence, scientific potential, and compatibility of the students' interests with current HAO research pursuits. Students selected to participate in the program will conduct research with one of the scientists at HAO on a mutually agreeable theoretical or experimental project. If the student is an official Ph.D. candidate, it is expected that the research will constitute the doctoral dissertation.

Undergraduate workshop participant

Undergraduate Leadership Workshop (ULW)

The Undergraduate Leadership Workshop is a summer workshop in Boulder, CO, with the purpose of informing students about exciting research and career opportunities in the atmospheric and related sciences.

Mesa Lab

Student Assistant Opportunities

Find paid student assistantships at UCAR in a variety of fields. For students living in the Boulder area, opportunities are listed throughout the year as positions become available.

Summer Ungraduate Experience in Solar Physics

The program begins with a summer school in solar and space physics and continues with seminars and discussions while you work at one of the participating laboratories, providing peer collaboration opportunities.

Sciparcs interns

Summer Internships in Parallel Computational Science (SIParCS)

The SIParCS Program at the National Center for Atmospheric Research offers graduate students and undergraduate students who have completed their sophomore year significant hands-on R&D opportunities in high performance computing (HPC) and related fields that use HPC for scientific discovery and modeling.

Advanced Study Program

NCAR's Advanced Study Program offers a Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, a Faculty Fellowship Program, and a Graduate Student Visitor Program to help NCAR and the scientific communities it serves prepare for the future by promoting the development of early career scientists and continuing education at NCAR.

SOARS: Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science

SOARS offers paid research internships and other support to undergraduates exploring a career in the atmospheric sciences or a related field.

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