Real People, Real Climate, Real SolutionsSilhouette of seven children holding hands

February 4 - March 12, 2020

Suzanne and Walter Scott, Jr. Bioengineering Building
Colorado State University
700 Meridian Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80523

Real Climate

As we add more greenhouse gases into our atmosphere, more heat is trapped, and the climate warms. Warmer temperatures cause other changes to other aspects of climate. For example, changes in precipitation are causing droughts to become more frequent in some places and more heavy rainfall to be more frequent in other places. 

Changes in the climate are causing changes in other aspects of our planet. Sea levels are rising as glaciers melt and seawater warms, more plant and animal species are facing extinction, the distribution of many diseases is changing, and sea ice is melting. Scientists, both at NCAR and around the world, are tracking these and other impacts.

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