Clouda against blue sky

At the National Center for Atmospheric Research, we don't forecast the weather. We get inside the weather, climate, and surrounding environment to understand it better.

At the Australian Design Awards in 2011, Edward Linnacre describes his invention that turns water vapor in the air into liquid water on the ground and how useful this could be for farmers.

This animation shows where and when photosynthesis happens around the world as the seasons come and go.
Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Animation
Animation showing the monthly variation of sea ice extent in the Antarctic from 2016 through 2018.
Arctic Sea Ice Extent Animation
Animation showing the monthly variation of sea ice extent in the Arctic from 2016 through 2018.
Arctic visualization

This video shows the interannual variation of the September sea ice concentration from the start of the satellite record in 1979 to 2008.

Three bottles with different contents to demonstrate storms.

Demonstrating a "storm" in a bottle using different contents. Storms need heat and moisture to form.

The 2013 intense week-long rainstorm could have been devistating for Boulder, Colorado, but thanks to city planning and floodplain management, the city fared relatively well.
Exploring different types of clouds
A short introduction to the different types of clouds, where they form in the atmosphere, and their shapes.
Convection demonstration
This video shows convection happening as a model to partially explain the movement of air around the Earth.
Coral for Studying Past Climate Video
This video describes how climate scientists use "proxy data", such as the information stored in coral, to study climates of the past.
Create Snowstorm interactive - demo video
Short demo video of the "Create a Snowstorm" interactive.
Drip Drop

Chill out with Drop & the Drippettes as they groove on glaciers, hop in the ocean, get soaked in the flood zone, dehydrate in the desert, and party with a polar bear

Dropsonde Animation from NOAA
Short animated video showing instrument packages called dropsondes being released from an airplane.
NASA's Global Hawk Robotic Research Aircraft
Video of NASA's Global Hawk robotic aircraft releasing dropsondes.
Dropsonde video from NSF/NCAR
Video showing dropsondes being released from aircraft and balloons to measure atmospheric properties at various altitudes.
Global Electric Circuit movie

Our electric atmosphere has a lot more to it than lightning and thunderstorms. Learn about Earth's Global Electric Circuit and its connection to Space Weather.

A 2005 flash flood fills a West Virginia creek in seconds
Forecast a Hurricane interactive - demo video
Short demo video of the "Forecast a Hurricane" interactive.
There is much more variation in the path that the dog takes as compared with the man, but they are both headed the same way. Similarly, weather can be highly variable and climate means long term trends.