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The NCAR Mesa Lab Visitor Center is committed to opening its doors to everyone, including those with disabilities along with their families and friends.  Our Visitor program is committed to ensuring an inclusive environment which promotes learning and enjoyment for visitors with diverse interests, abilities, and needs.

Wheelchair Users and Those with Mobility Impairments

NCAR's Mesa Lab Visitor Center offers two entrances for those with mobility impairments and their companions.

Front driveway access: This is a secure driveway and entrance, therefore one must call NCAR (303.497.1139) in advance to gain access to the two accessible parking spaces or to drop visitors off at the main entrance

Accessible rear entrance: The second option is to park in the accessible parking area at the back (south side) of the building directly next to our delivery dock. Please buzz the intercom located next to the inside door and our security staff will facilitate your entrance.  (Please feel free to ask via the intercom for a staff escort to meet you at this entrance if desired.) All doors in this area are automatic. Once inside, follow the green dots to the elevator.  Enter the elevator, press "G" for Ground Level, and it will transport you to the first floor of our Visitor Center.

All exhibits and public areas are accessible by elevator, including a small lift that provides access to the NCAR Tree Plaza where students often eat lunch during warmer months. All theaters include wheelchair seating areas along with companion seats. The NCAR cafeteria is also accessible to all with no steps or turnstiles. A wheelchair accessible restroom is available on the second floor in the Climate Future exhibit area.  Wheelchairs are also available to visitors once inside the building at the front desk reception area. 


TTY is available for incoming calls at the pay phone directly across from the NCAR Front Desk.

Open Captioning

Open captioning is available in the NCAR mini-theater where visitors are invited to watch and/or listen to a 10-minute movie called Air Planet People. This video highlights the history of UCAR and NCAR, as well as their combined mission, programs, services, and research.  This video is available with both English and Spanish subtitles. Four other videos are offered in the theater and these selections change periodically. The four additional videos we are currently showing are When Nature Strikes - Wildfires, High Altitude Observatory Solar Eclipse, Boulder Underwater, and DripDrop! Music Video: What's up with our climate and water.

Sign Language Interpreters

NCAR does not have full-time signing personnel, however we will make every effort to meet your needs if we are given adequate lead time prior to your visit (ideally one week in advance). Please contact our scheduling staff to request an interpreter and specify American Sign Language (ASL) or Signed English.

Visitors Who Are Blind or Have Low Vision

Many of the exhibits at NCAR are touchable and tactile. In addition, Visitor Center staff has artifacts that can also be handled to bring the atmospheric sciences to life for everyone. Please inquire at the Mesa Lab Visitor Center front desk if you are interested in this service.


Mesa Lab Visitor Center staff are available at NCAR seven days a week to assist you and to answer any of your questions. Please contact us by calling (303.497.2401) or by emailing the School and Public Programs Office.