Transportation Scholarships

Transportation Scholarships

school bus imageA limited number of field trip scholarships are available to upper elementary, middle school, and high school groups serving 40 percent or more of students who are enrolled in the National School Lunch Program. Funds have been provided through the generosity of the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the UCAR Center for Science Education. 

Scholarships are awarded on a first-come first-served basis for field trips occurring within each academic year.  Scholarships are designed to cover field trip transportation costs up to $300 per school. The field trip itself is free.

Please apply by downloading the Scholarship Application form and submitting it electronically, or by fax or mail. You should receive a response within approximately 1-2 weeks of our receipt of your application.

How to arrange a field trip to NCAR once your scholarship has been approved?

  • Download and read the Field Trip Planning Guide and Checklist.
  • Complete all pre-scheduling "To Do" items on the Field Trip Checklist before calling or emailing to schedule.
  • Have a minimum of three dates in mind for your field trip.
  • Once your field trip has been scheduled, review the pre-event checklist provided in the Guide.
  • Obtain additional information off of our Field Trip, Teachers, and Chaperone Web pages.
  • We will provide you with the necessary procedures for submitting your transportation costs for reimbursement.

What will students do during their field trip?

The field trip Science Learning Lab to be covered is decided by each teacher. Learning Labs to consider are available for review in the Field Trip Planning Guide. Middle or high-school classes, for instance, may be interested in the relationship between research, supercomputing, and scientific modeling in weather and climate research, which includes a 3D visualization experience that highlights NCAR's modeling of the Earth system! Likewise, students will also participate in hands-on activities that enhance understanding of both the nature of science and Systems Thinking, and get a close-up look at NCAR's supercomputing facility -- home to some of the fastest supercomputers in the world! Teachers of upper elementary students often request our popular Under Pressure! module that engages students in hands-on activities that teach them the role of air pressure in the daily weather, from clear sky days to hurricanes!

Sample template image
Upper elementary students from Alicia Sanchez Elementary School in Lafayette, Colorado learn about solar storms in the  3D Visualization Lab during a recent field trip  to NCAR.
Credit: T. Eastburn