Rain and dull clouds, windy blue skies, cold snow, and sticky heat are very different conditions, yet they are all weather.

In this demonstration, students observe how temperature changes can create a weather front, in particular how the mixing of warm and cold air can produce thunderstorms.

Learn about the different types of clouds and how they form. Check out cool photos of clouds and try your hand at our cloud games.
As a strong hurricane heads towards the coast, people prepare - boarding up houses, packing the car, and evacuating. These storms can spell disaster for people in hurricane prone areas. They are the most powerful of all weather systems. They are also huge storms – the average hurricane spreads across 340 miles.
Right now there are about two thousand thunderstorms going on around the world. While common, they are dramatic with intense rain, hail, wind, lightning, thunder, and even tornadoes.
Hoping for a snow day? Consider the meteorological circumstances that would be needed for you to get your wish!
A dark funnel of cloud extends below a storm. If it reaches the ground, it’s a tornado.

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