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Culminating Task

Snow Day?

Apply what we’ve learned about weather to a winter storm

Students apply models and ideas they figured out from Learning Sequences 1, 2, and 3 to explain what is happening with a new phenomenon: a winter storm that crossed the United States in February 2017.


  • Teacher Guide Adobe PDF file
    • Designed to guide you through each section of the curriculum by providing step-by-step instructions for lessons, sample videos of activities, background science content, and NGSS connections.
  • All Student Activity Sheets for Challenges 1-3 Adobe PDF file
    • Each lesson has activity sheets that you can download separately (see below), or you can download all of the activity sheets used in a learning sequence using the link above.
  • Powerpoints
    • Powerpoint slides have been developed for each section of the curriculum to help organize and guide your students through lessons and activities.
  • Final Assessments Adobe PDF file
    • The final assessment is an open response test that targets fundamental science ideas learned in the unit as well as the NGSS science practices of data analysis and interpretation and modeling. The final assessment should be administered following the culminating task.

Lesson Resources

Culminating Task: Challenge 1


Why did the storm cause rain in some places and snow in other places in California?

Challenge 1 Student Activity Sheets Adobe PDF file

Links used in Lesson Challenge 1

Culminating Task: Challenge 2


As the storm moved east, why did it snow in some areas but not others?

Challenge 2 Student Activity Sheets Adobe PDF file

Culminating Task: Challenge 3


Where will schools have a snow day on February 24th?

Challenge 3 Student Activity Sheets Adobe PDF file