Snow on the Flatirons

This teaching box is filled with hands-on activities that get primary grade students to learn the science of winter weather including concepts of earth science.

Atmospheric Science Tips for Students

From brief encounters with atmospheric science to in-depth research opportunities,the UCAR Center for Science Education works with students of all ages to broaden science understanding.

Atmospheric Science Education Tools

How does a cloud form? What’s a sunspot? Why is climate changing? At the UCAR Center for Science Education’s Learning Zone, you can explore these questions and more.

Visit NCAR

Explore weather, climate, art and other exhibits at the NCAR Mesa Laboratory and tour the facility.


Connect with us through monthly topical features, videos, and live webcasts, and explore the breadth of exceptional STEM resources throughout UCAR.

Resources for Science Teachers

Resources, programs, workshops, and other events for educators

Visit NCAR

Visitor Center with exhibits, field trips, public tours, art galleries, and weather trail


Upcoming workshops, events, webinars, and other happenings

Atmospheric Science Tips for Students

Games, activities, research programs, and background info for students of all ages

Atmospheric Science Education Tools

Activities, Teaching Boxes, videos, games, and more for students and teachers


Educational activities for use in the classroom, by home-schoolers, or in various other settings.