Young girl looks through light refraction glasses.

STEM at Home

Are you looking for fun, informal STEM activities that you can do at home with some simple materials? Explore our resources below to discover how to make an atmosphere lantern, how cars lose control on ice, and more!

This section is in development, and we have plans to grow our selection of activities in the future!

Cloud Viewer

Use the Cloud Viewer to explore the clouds and sky outside. What type of clouds do you see? What color is the sky?

Explore How Cars Lose Control on Ice, Safely

Ice is slippery, sometimes causing cars and trucks to skid out of control. This activity allows students to safely explore these icy conditions and develop their own hypotheses and experiments.

Make an Atmosphere Lantern

This fun hands-on activity explores our atmosphere and creates a cool night light!

Cloud Trivia Activity

Test your cloud knowledge with our fun hands-on cloud trivia activity.