Interactive Virtual Visits (Grades K-5)

Schedule a 30-minute live online presentation for your class or group of students (minimum group size 8 students). Programs can be hosted by our team on Zoom or Google Meet, or we can join on your group's platform. 

We ask that teachers/group leaders participate to assist with questions and issues that may arise.

Email Tiffany Fourment to schedule a Virtual Visit for your group.  

Let's Compare Warm and Cold Air!

Try it at home as our educators guide you through an experiment with soapy water and a bottle to see how air behaves when it changes temperature, and how that contributes to the formation of some types of clouds and weather. The activity will take ~15 minutes, followed by time for Q&A.

Two rectangular plastic bins, labeled containers of hot and cold water, a green bottle, a purple towel and a small round plastic container

Supplies you'll need to try the activity at home during Let's Compare Warm and Cold Air!
Credit: UCAR

To try the activity at home during the program, you’ll need:

  • A small plastic bottle, like a water or soda bottle
  • About a tablespoon of dish soap in a container at least as large as the mouth of the bottle (You'll be turning the bottle upside down & dipping it in the container.)
  • Two larger containers (such as bowls or tubs) - big enough to hold the bottom of the bottle with some water
  • About 2 inches of cold, ice water in one of the larger containers
  • About 2 inches of very hot water in the other larger container (It's best to boil the water just before the program begins, as it will cool a bit before we get to the demo to use it.)


Digital Learning Kits

*In development* 

Our Digital Learning Kits include a video recording of a demo or activity accompanied by background information, additional resources and/or suggestions for extension activities. 


Please contact Education Specialist Tiffany Fourment with any questions about our educational programming and resources.