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Learning Sequence 3

Worldwide Weather

Why do storms move in predictable patterns around the world?

Students zoom out to explore how and why storms move around the world due to atmospheric circulation caused by the uneven heating of the Earth.


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Additional background information

Lesson Resources

Lesson 12


How do storms move around the world?

Lesson 12 Student Activity Sheets Adobe PDF file

Links used in Lesson 12

Lesson 13


Why is it hotter at the equator than other places on Earth?

Lesson 13 Student Activity Sheets Adobe PDF file

GLOBE Temperature and Latitude Data Cards Adobe PDF file

Annual Mean Temperature Graphic

Lesson 14


How and why does air move in the tropics?

Lesson 14 Student Activity Sheets Adobe PDF file

Links used in Lesson 14

Lesson 14 Virtual Resources

Lesson 15


When air and storms move, why do they curve?

Lesson 15 Student Activity Sheets Adobe PDF file

Links used in Lesson 15