Sun and Space Weather

Sun and Space Weather

Our active Sun creates solar storms, solar wind and other phenomena. Explore the Sun and how space weather can impact the Earth.

Meet the Sun

The Sun is the closest star to Earth and is the center of our solar system. Learn about fun Sun facts.

​The Active Sun

The Sun is an active place! Learn about the many different types of solar phenomena.

What is Space Weather and How Does it Affect the Earth?

Magnetic storms from the Sun can interact with Earth's atmosphere, creating spectacular auroras but also disrupting systems that we depend upon.

Earth's Magnetosphere

Earth's magnetosphere is like a magnetic "bubble" in space around our planet.

Auroras: The Northern and Southern Lights

Auroras are dazzling displays of light, seen most often near the poles, that are caused by solar storms that disrupt Earth's atmosphere.


Learn all about sundogs, an optical phenomenon in the atmosphere.