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Interested in bringing the traveling climate exhibit Real People, Real Climate, Real Changes to your community? Before submitting your application to host, please review our list of frequently asked questions to see if this exhibit will work for your location. 

Contact for additional questions.

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A local panel that was co-designed with members of the community.


Host obligations

We do require several actions from our exhibit hosts. 

  • Sign an agreement that details shipping arrangements, dates, contact information, and your obligations as a host.
  • Connect us with local resources to develop a community panel approximately two months before the opening.
  • Set up, maintain, and disassemble the exhibit and report any damages as soon as they are discovered. Hosts are not responsible for repair costs. 
  • Safely store the crates while the exhibit is on display.
  • Rotate through the climate prompts on our last interactive in the exhibit. Organize responses and ship the filled-out cards to Boulder, CO (at no cost to you).
  • Host an event related to the theme of the exhibit. We can help with this. 


In exchange, we will create a locally relevant panel to be added to the exhibit (if time allows), arrange delivery and pick-up, handle any repairs, help with event planning, and support you in promoting the event and exhibit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of space do I need to host the exhibit / how large is the exhibit?

The entire exhibit takes about 400 square feet and can be displayed in a number of different layouts including an open floor plan or even a hallway. Many of our vertical display stands can be single or double-sided, depending on the space. There is a flow to the exhibit, thus some components need to be together, but otherwise, the exhibit setup is flexible based on your available space. The exhibit ships in seven large crates with rolling wheels. Please also consider storage space for the crates. 

Can I have the exhibit for just a few weeks? How about a few months?

The exhibit will ideally be on display for 6-8 weeks at your location. However, we can discuss shorter or longer lengths of time for exhibit display if this works better for your location and fits within the traveling exhibit schedule.  

Who sets up the exhibit? What about maintenance and tear down?

The exhibit comes with a detailed guidebook with pictures on how to set it up and break it back down. Our team is also available for phone or video calls to help. On occasion, we may be able to travel with the exhibit to help with setup. Someone from your host location will need to be responsible for maintaining the exhibit, including refilling flyers, paper, pencils on one of the interactive displays. Cleaning instructions are included in the guidebook. 

How long does it take to set up the exhibit? Can I do it alone?

We recommend a group of about four to six people to help set up and have seen it done with that many in about four hours. The absolute minimum required is two, in order to manage some of the heavier pieces.

Can we charge people to see the exhibit?

It is the mission of this exhibit to provide climate information that is accessible to the general public. Therefore, we require the exhibit to be free and accessible to everyone in the host location’s community.  

What is the cost associated with hosting the Traveling Exhibit?

Costs for shipping the exhibit vary. Depending on your location and the funds available, we may be able to help offset some or all of your costs. 

When will I hear a response about hosting the exhibit, and what is the likelihood that I will be selected as a host?

Real People, Real Climate, Real Changes typically goes to four locations each year. Due to the current demand to host the exhibit and the amount of planning required, we review incoming requests bi-annually in April and October. Typically the exhibit is booked at least a year out, so please keep this in mind as you make your request. 

If you have additional questions or wish to follow up or make changes to your initial host request, contact, but please note that it may take 1-2 weeks to receive a response.


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