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Fostering deeper understanding of the atmosphere, Earth, and Sun


At the National Center for Atmospheric Research, we don't forecast the weather. We get inside the weather, climate, and surrounding environment to understand it better. We collaborate with researchers all over the country and all over the world to study the thin layer of air that surrounds our planet and connects all of us to each other. We study the Sun, air chemistry, how the atmosphere interacts with the land and oceans, and how we change and are changed by weather and climate.

The National Center for Atmospheric Research provides research, observing and computing facilities, and a variety of services for the atmospheric and related Earth sciences community.

The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research serves as a hub for research, education, and public outreach for the atmospheric and related Earth sciences community. We provide services to and promote partnerships within a collaborative community of researchers and educators who are dedicated to understanding the atmosphere—the air around us—and the complex processes that make up the Earth system, from the ocean floor to the Sun's core.

NCAR and the UCAR Community Programs are managed by UCAR, a nonprofit consortium of research universities, on behalf of the National Science Foundation and the university community.