Arctic September sea ice concentration, 1979-2020

This video shows the interannual variation of the September sea ice concentration from the start of the satellite record in 1979 to 2020.

Creating Art in the Antarctic

 Artist April Waters describes her expedition to Antarctica and how she created paintings that depict water and ice. 

Drip Drop! Music Video - What’s up with our climate and water?

Chill out with Drop & the Drippettes as they groove on glaciers, hop in the ocean, get soaked in the flood zone, dehydrate in the desert, and party with a polar bear

Hazardous Heat Waves

Heat waves are abnormally hot weather that occurs over a few days to several weeks, and climate change is making them worse. Watch and find out why heat waves are a hazard and what you can do to stay safe when they happen.

Rising Sea Levels

In the past century, as the climate has warmed, sea level rise has accelerated. Scientists predict it will only increase, and they're studying changes in the ocean and land to better understand how and why the water is rising.

Warming Water, Rising Seas

You may know that melting glaciers and ice sheets is causing sea levels to rise. Did you also know that the ocean absorbs heat, causing it to expand? Learn more about this process and how it’s impacting coastlines around the planet.

What Makes Cities So Hot?

A city can be several degrees warmer than the surrounding area. Learn how this phenomenon, called the urban heat island effect, occurs and find out what can be done to keep cities cool.