Earth's Global Electric Circuit

Our electric atmosphere has a lot more to it than lightning and thunderstorms. Learn about Earth's Global Electric Circuit and its connection to Space Weather.

Magnetic Field Lines Tangle as Sun Rotates

This short (13 seconds) animation shows how the Sun's magnetic field becomes tangled over time as the Sun rotates. This tangled magnetic field gives rise to sunspots and sometimes to solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs).

Watch: Three Years of the Sun

Time-lapse movie of three years of the Sun as viewed in ultraviolet "light" by NASA's SDO satellite.

What Makes Snowflakes Take Shape?

Do you know that snowflakes are different shapes? Find out why some snowflakes have simple shapes and others are more intricate.

What's the Polar Vortex?

Learn all about the polar vortex and how it causes chilly winter weather in the mid-latitudes when the air circulating around the North Pole wobbles to the south.