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Students participating in a learning lab at the NCAR Mesa Lab

Before Making Your Reservation:

Make sure you have the following information before contacting us to schedule your field trip:

  • Your preferred field trip date(s). Field trip programs generally run 10am-12pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Field trips are scheduled on a first come, first served basis and slots fill up quickly.
  • Information about your group, including age/grade of the students and number of students, teachers, and chaperones (an 8:1 ratio is suggested). Our field trip group sizes are limited to 10-50 students. 
  • Transportation to NCAR, 1850 Table Mesa Drive, Boulder, CO 80305.
  • Information about any individuals with disabilities or other needs requiring accommodation.
  • Your preferred Learning Lab, listed below.
  • Contact information for you and/or your school for the day of the field trip.
  • Plans for lunch (if applicable).
  • An email address and phone number for the main contact from your group.

Learning Labs

The NCAR Visitor Center offers a wide variety of Science Learning Labs for students of all ages. Check out our currently available Labs below!

Cloud Detectives (grades preK-K): Observe and identify different types of clouds. Students will model their favorite clouds and watch a cloud burst into action. Weather permitting, we will go out on our weather trail and use the NCAR cloud viewer to identify the clouds by their scientific names.

Air: A Piece of the Weather Puzzle (grades 1-3) : Students experiment with soapy water to see how changing the temperature in a bottle changes how the air behaves. This lab is designed to help students explore the properties of convection.

Weather Trail Discovery (grades 2-3): Students embark upon a scavenger hunt to see firsthand how weather impacts our surroundings. While walking we’ll be looking for and learning about the wonders that exist in NCAR’s backyard. Students will use weather instruments to learn how scientists collect and use data in order to understand weather.

Sky Sleuths: Inside Weather Data (grades 3-5): Students learn how meteorologists use weather instruments to collect data in order to inform the development of weather models and forecasts. Activities include using hand-held weather stations to observe the current atmospheric conditions and visualizing that data to share with their fellow meteorologists-in-training.

What's Up with Climate Change? Earth's Changing Weather, Over Time (grades 4-8): Explore the basics of climate change, including greenhouse gases and their contribution to rising global temperatures, impacts of climate change in Colorado, and solutions for reducing human impact.

For grades 9-12, we welcome individualized program requests. Contact our School and Public Programs team at

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