Images from Past Exhibits at the NSF NCAR Art-Science Gallery

Multiple family generations in a home

The groundbreaking Indigenous photography exhibition, Preserving Our Place: Knowledge is Power, featured the importance of culture and lifeways and the consequences of the climate crisis. It celebrates the work of two Indigenous photographers: Chantel Comardelle, Tribal Executive Secretary of the Jean Charles Choctaw Nation, Louisiana and Dennis Davis, community artist of the Native Inupiat Village, Shishmaref, Alaska. Additional photography was taken by and/or is provided courtesy of Pete Mueller, Nathan Jessee, and Thomson Reuters.

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Complilation of various photographs of the sky.

Shared Skies, an exhibit by Los Angeles-based artist Kim Abeles, combined photographs of the sky taken all over the world.

UCAR/LS Gardiner

Wall filled with square paper of a variety of colors ranging from blue, to yellow, to brown.

Artist Kim Abeles installs 60 Days of Los Angeles Sky Patch in the NCAR Art-Science Gallery. Each day she made an acrylic painting on paper to match the sky color in Los Angeles. 

UCAR/LS Gardiner

Rice paper on top of wet leaves (top), floating on top of standing water with bubbles (middle), and hung over a railing in a humid environment.

In her exhibit, Hard Rain Revelations, Boulder-based artist Jane McMahan explored how the water cycle is changing in response to climate change, photographing rice paper in environments affected by changing water availability. 

Jane McMahan

Artist sits in front of art exhibit at NCAR's Mesa Lab

The Plastic Ocean Project exhibit was created by Bonnie Monteleone from University of North Carolina-Wilmington from plastic collected during oceanographic expeditions and from the North Carolina coast.

UCAR/LS Gardiner

Visitors viewing art installation at the NCAR Mesa Lab.

To See Things Differently showcased photography by Kerry Koepping and other Arctic Arts Project photographers, documenting change that they witness in the Arctic due to climate change.

UCAR/LS Gardiner

Dinner plate with an outline of a penguin (left) and child's hand (right)

Artist Kim Abeles worked with middle school students in Boulder, Colorado, to collect and exhibit smog on dinner plates.

UCAR/LS Gardiner

Students' artwork hangs in a hallway at the NCAR Mesa Lab

A juried show of student photography related to the theme of resilience was organized by EcoArts Connections. 

UCAR/LS Gardiner