The UCAR Center for Science Education has a collection of games and simulations related to weather, climate, atmospheric science, and space weather education. Test your knowledge with one of our games or gain a deeper understanding of earth science through a simulation.

We have also assembled a collection of additional games, simulations, and virtual labs from other sources.

Atmospheric Chemistry Memory Game
Test your memory while you learn about the chemistry of Earth's atmosphere! Click on tiles to reveal pictures of molecules that play an important role in the chemistry and composition of our atmosphere. Try to find matching pairs of pictures.
Climate Sensitivity Calculator
This simple interactive shows how Earth's temperature rises as the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases.
Cloud Matching Game image
How well can you identify cloud types? Try this matching game and test your skill!
Cloud Sorting Game
Sort photos of clouds by altitude, by composition, and into groups based on whether they are smooth or turbulent.
Clouds Memory Game
Test your memory while you learn about clouds! Click on tiles to reveal photos of clouds - and try to find a matching pair.
Compare IPCC Scenarios interactive
Compare graphs of past and possible future carbon dioxide emissions, atmospheric concentration of CO2 and average global temperatures during the coming century as provided by the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
Antarctic Sea Ice Extent interactive - compare maps side-by-side
Compare maps side-by-side of sea ice extent in the Antarctic over several decades.
Compare Maps of Arctic Sea Ice
Compare maps side-by-side of sea ice extent in the Arctic over several decades.
Compare Regional Climate Maps interactive
Compare maps of future regional climate projections - temperature and precipitation.
Compare Multispectral Sun Images
Compare images of the Sun side-by-side with this interactive viewer. What features can you see in ultraviolet or infrared images?
Compare solar eclipse photos
Compare photos of different solar eclipses side-by-side.
Create snowstorm interactive

Explore the factors that combine to create a snowstorm in this interactive.

Earth's Energy Balance interactive
See how Earth's temperature would change if the Sun's brightness increased or dimmed or if Earth's albedo was different.
energy choices
Help the Joules family make choices that keep their greenhouse gas emissions low.
screenshot of map used in the make a hurricane interactive
Can you predict the path of a hurricane? Learn how hurricanes move across an ocean and see if you can determine which cities will be impacted by a hurricane.
Greenhouse Gasses sorting game
Sort these molecules as greenhouse gases, borderline cases or not greenhouse gases.
make a hurricane

Make a hurricane and learn about the factors that control the strength of the storm, including temperature, moisture and winds.

Make a Thunderstorm
Make a thunderstorm! Choose the right mix of temperatures and humidity to create a big thunderstorm.
Ruler of the World
You are now King or Queen of the World and your loyal subjects need your help. You must choose a new mix of energy sources to limit emissions while generating enough energy for your subjects and keeping costs low.
Solar Eclipse Memory Game
Test your memory while you learn about eclipses of the Sun. Click on tiles to reveal pictures of solar eclipses and maps of the path of the November 2012 eclipse in Australia. Try to find matching pairs of pictures.
ENSO Sorting Game
Sort pictures of El Niño and La Niña conditions based on sea-surface temperatures.
Sun and Space Weather Memory Game
Test your memory while you learn about the Sun, space weather, and Earth's magnetosphere and upper atmosphere.
Sun Sorting Game
Sort pictures of the Sun and its features by temperature or by time in the sunspot cycle.
The Very Simple Climate Model graph interface
Use this model to explore the relationships between carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere and our planet's average global temperature. Try out some "what if" scenarios to see how much our climate may warm during the coming century.
Tree Rings and Climate Timeline Simulation

Align tree ring cores to build a long chronology of climate history in this online interactive activity.

Tree Rings Paleoclimate Simulation
This interactive simulation lets you 'decode' tree ring patterns to learn about climates of the past.
Virtual Ballooning
Explore the atmosphere by launching Virtual Weather Balloons! This "virtual laboratory" simulation lets you investigate the layers of Earth's atmosphere.
What Flooding Looked Like in Boulder, Colorado
See what one neighborhood looked like before the September 2013 flood and after water filled the streets, yards, homes, and Crest View Elementary School.