Atmospheric Chemistry Memory Game

Atmospheric Chemistry Memory Game

Choose a difficulty level and then click the tiles (squares). Behind each tile is a molecule that plays an important role in the chemistry and composition of Earth's atmosphere. Each type of molecule is on two tiles. Try to match them all. After you've mastered this game, check out other UCAR Center for Science Education games and interactives.

The first four levels of this game are fairly straightforward. In levels five through eight, you must match representations of each molecule that are equivalent but not identical:

  • levels five and six: match the ball-and-stick representation of each molecule with the molecular formula (such as H2SO4 or CO2) for that compound
  • levels seven and eight: match a variety of different representations of molecules, including ball-and-stick, space-filling, formulas, and Lewis diagrams

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Click on the pictures below to learn more about the molecules in this game.

Nitrogen Oxygen Carbon Dioxide Methane
Nitric Acid Sulfuric Acid Carbon Monoxide Hydrocarbons (propane)
Nitrogen Dioxide Sulfur Dioxide Sulfur Trioxide PAN (Peroxyacytyl nitrate)
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