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Part 1 of a Successful Job Shadow

The first step in a job shadow is to prepare by acquiring important information. This may include:

  • Completing an interest survey to identify careers and employers you’d like to explore
  • Conducting research on jobs of interest, including typical duties, education and training required, and salary ranges
  • Getting matched to a job shadow host
  • Confirming your job shadow schedule
  • Attending an orientation session
  • Arranging your job shadow with your host and school
  • Confirming any special instructions for the job shadow (dress code, safety gear, etc.)
  • Having a parent/guardian and/or teacher(s) sign release forms

The person helping you arrange your job shadow will assist you in figuring out how to complete these or other required steps.

Taking photos and recording videos during the job shadow can help you remember what you see and learn. However, be sure to ask your host ahead of time if it’s OK for you to take pictures and record video during your job shadow.

Student Voices

“My job shadow meant that I was responsible, that I got to learn about a job and that people really care about giving me a chance to learn about what they do and about the future.”

Let’s get started!

Download and complete the note sheets and turn them in if requested by the person coordinating your job shadow.

Gather Information

Consider Expectations