Develop Instructional Materials

Our instructional designers build and test learning materials that bring your science to classrooms and informal education venues such as museums. We use research-based instructional strategies to maximize learning opportunities for diverse audiences.

STEM Career Connections

Innovative career readiness model that will increase the knowledge of and interest in STEM and computing careers for middle school youth in rural, economically disadvantaged mountain state communities.

Education Level: Middle School

Project Resilience

High school students examine the environmental challenges facing communities along the Gulf of Mexico and learn about resilience planning using a resilience planning toolkit. 

Education Level: High School

Hurricane Resilience

A high school environmental science curriculum for use in coastal locations where hurricanes are common. 

Education Level: High School

GLOBE Weather: an NGSS-driven Middle School Curriculum

With GLOBE Weather, middle school students explore phenomena related to weather and storms during a five-week unit to help them understand weather at local, regional, and global scales.

Education Level: Middle School

GLOBE Data Explorations

Classroom activities that help students learn how to analyze GLOBE environmental data while also learning atmospheric science concepts and geography.

Type of Collaboration: Develop Instructional Materials
Education Level: Middle School

Engineering Experiences

Engaging middle school students from low-income families in engineering after school to complement STEM learning during the normal school day.

Education Level: Middle School

Elementary GLOBE

Introduces students in grades K-4 to the study of Earth system science through storybooks and hands-on learning activities.

Education Level: Elementary School

DUST PIRE: Exploring Atmospheric Dust and Climate

UCAR Center for Science Education collaborated with scientists from several U.S. universities, led by a team from the University of Rochester, to develop educational resources for science centers, museums, and science festivals that tell the story of atmospheric dust and how it influences climate change. 

Clouds, Weather, and Climate Teaching Box

Collaboration with University of Virginia professor Kevin Grise to develop the Clouds, Weather, and Climate Teaching Box. 

Education Level: High School


Created educational simulations, activities, and articles about clouds and climate for K-12 teachers and students.

Education Level: Elementary School, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School


NSF Sustainability Research Network Middle and High School Curriculum

Education Level: Middle School, High School