Make an Atmosphere Lantern

About 20 atmosphere lanterns lit up in a dark room

These atmosphere lanterns were made by kids during a summer program in 2021.


To make an atmosphere lantern:

  1. Review the Atmosphere Lantern Instructions
  2. Download and print the Lantern Base Template on cardstock
  3. Download and print either the Short Lantern Template or the Tall Lantern Template on regular paper
  4. Use the Atmosphere Layer Trading Cards to give you ideas for what to add to your lantern


You'll also need tape, a glue stick, a lithium button battery, scissors, a LED light, markers or colored pencils. A hot glue gun is optional.

Once you have all the supplies, watch the step-by-step videos below to learn how to create your lantern. If you'd prefer, you may download and print the instructions from the link above. 

Step 1: Create Your Lantern Parts

Step 2: Build Your Lantern Base

Step 3: Design Your Lantern 

Step 4: Assemble Your Lantern